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New Stage

Locker Room Confessions

Jondy Macmillan
14 January
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Jondy here. Let's get this straight, I write. This will not be the place to check out my newest story; if you want that it'll most likely be posted on fanfiction.net/fictionpress.com under The Brat Prince, Iced, Shadow Wolf4, Yumegari, Morgan Le Fey, or Calm Before the Storm. The Brat Prince being the only one I commonly update.

The only place I really update with my stories is my other LJ, garnetice.

Anyway, this journal will be used exclusively for New Stage. What is New Stage? An RPG started by myself and divingsiren the summer of 2002, based entirely off JK Rowling's Harry Potter series.

The RPG focused completely on the Quidditch teams (whom divingsiren and I created originally, so keep in mind, although the setting and idea is Rowling's, we did create all characters mentioned, including teachers). Since the RPG was sort of abandoned, but the idea was still there, I have taken up writing the story. But instead of doing it in single shots on my computer, it's going to be a series of entries.

I have also taken the liberty of intertwining New Stage characters with a completely original in progress cross over that I'm writing, called Giddy Brew. It's not neccessary to have read Giddy Brew to understand New Stage, because New Stage is the prequel to Giddy Brew- only the second years in this fic may appear in Giddy Brew (seeing as how this is based on the seventh years for the most part, it shouldn't be a problem).

~Much Love
Jondy M.